• 5. System Menu

5. System Menu

This page provides the gateway to system configuration, status and diagnostics pages, within the System Menu.
The System Menu can be broken into two parts. At the top is a status information panel which can be accessed without authentication. Below it are the system tools which can only be accessed once logged in with "Edit" or "Admin" level privileges.
Status information panel
The status information panel consists of three items:
Database Connectivity Report
This presents a "traffic light" report on the function of the Port-Log database and the Port-Log web server and is useful in high level system diagnostics. Possible values are:
All database connections are successful and data is entering the database regularly (at least within the last 10 minutes from one or more sensors).
Possible causes:
- The ETL software which load data into the database have failed.         
- The network links between the basestations/GPRS APN and the database server have failed
- The HTTP scripts which receive the communication from the basestations/GPRS APN have failed
Possible causes:
- The database query timed out because the database did not supply a result
- The database table structure has been altered and the query is invalid
Possible causes:
- Either the database username, password or network name has been altered and the Port-Log web server cannot connect.
- The network connection between the database and the web server has failed
- The database has been shutdown
Server Connection Status
This displays which server is providing the current HTTP web service. Currently the web server is set to query the database from an instance of SQL Server running at the same location as it (i.e localhost) therefore the web server and database server will be the same.
System Tools
When logged in the system menu provides the following tools:
Footer Controls
Below the system tools section is the footer which contains the facility to logout of the system.
If the user is not logged in then the user login screen will be displayed at the footer of the page and the system tools will not be available (they will be coloured grey). Consult the "User Authentication" pages for more information.
System Clock
A Javascript function provides a live system clock showing the time according to the client that the web pages are being displayed on. This will be corrected to UTC should the client be setup to use a different time zone.
Below the system clock is a report on the web browser in use on the client machine. The Port-Log web system has been designed to operate on the following browsers:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 or higher
- Mozilla Firefox version 22 or higher
- Google Chrome version 30 or higher