5.5 Alerts

This page allows the user to view all of the current active alerts in the Port-Log System. This includes every sensor or enclosure that is switched on regardless as to the visibility settings in the individual gauge display tables.
Alerts can appear for the following reasons:
5.5 Alerts
The alerts page is automatically refreshed every 5 minutes showing the latest alerts to the user if the page is left open.
"Edit" privileges or higher are required to access and make changes to this page.

Filter Panel

1. Filter Panel
Filter by site name or site cluster group. The alerts table will update automatically to show the results of the filter.

Alerts Table

2. Alerts Table
Shows details in chronological order of any active alerts. Active alerts are those which have not been cleared from the system. The alert message is updated to refer specifically to the temporal difference between the alert taking place and the current time. The "Sent" column will only be populated if the instrument that generated the alert has recorded the time that the alert message was sent (this will not occur for timeout messages).
To clear an alert, click the clear button for any active alerts which are to be cleared. Once the "Save" button is pressed - the alerts that have been marked will be cleared.
If all active alerts for a particular site have been cleared there will no longer be alert warnings displayed on the Dataset display pages.

Save / Cancel Controls

3. Save / Cancel Controls
Click Save to remove any alerts that have been checked in the "clear" column. Click Cancel to remove any check marks within the alerts table.
These buttons are only active if a change has been made - if no change is made, the buttons will remain greyed out.