6.1 Logging In

6.1 Logging In
This page will be presented to the user when attempting to access a page that requires authentication, providing the user is not already authenticated.

Enter Username

1. Enter Username
Enter the user name to log in with. A user can belong to one of three privilege levels - "User", "Editor" or "Admin". If the privilege level of the username is not sufficient to access the page then the following will be displayed:

Enter Password

2. Enter Password
Enter the password for the selected username. Passwords are case sensitive.


3. Login
Click the "Login" button to authenticate the user on the system.
If the authentication is successful then the login form is removed and replaced by the page that was originally requested in full.
If the authentication is unsuccessful the login form is reset and the failure message is displayed:
From the moment the user is authenticated successfully the 12 hour session count down is started. Providing the user doesn't re-authenticate during the session by changing privilege levels, the session will expire after 12 hours.